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[2 Min Read] Kyle Eschenroeder on Taking Action

Taking action is one of those painfully simple ideas that can’t be repeated enough: without taking action you won’t get anywhere. This post is about becoming a man or woman of action. Taking the actions suggested in this post will make it exponentially easier to take action in every other area of your life. You will begin to automatically do what you had to fight to do before.

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5 Steps to Good Decision Making

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the decisions you have to make? Do you ever wonder if the decisions you're making are having a positive impact on your team? The average adult makes around 35,000 conscious decisions per day, and we think it's safe to assume leaders are making even more. Knowing the pain of trying to figure out the best course of action in often stressful environments, we've put together some steps to help you make decisions quickly and rationally, while giving you space to review and reflect on choices to learn how to become a better leader.

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