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5 Leadership Thoughts from Liz Wiseman

“The highest quality of thinking cannot emerge without learning. Learning can’t happen without mistakes.” If your goal is to have a team that really thinks through problems, solves them, has intuition, and has a culture of innovation, you need to first wrap your mind around mistakes happening. Think about how you can foster an environment for mistakes to be welcomed in the context of learning from them.

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[2 Min Read] Is Your High Performer Ready to Manage Others?

High performers are true assets to their teams. These are individuals who excel when it comes to skills and responsibilities. They are results-driven and motivated, and their work carries a sense of excellence. They have little need for supervision or hand-holding. They latch on to the goal or vision of what is expected from them, and they make it happen. However, most of the time, these high performers need a completely different skill set to jump from being an independent contributor to managing others. How do you know if they enjoy helping others succeed?

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