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Engage, grow, and retain your staff with a world-class HR software solution. With LeadrHR, you can handle PTO management, payroll management, offer affordable health plans, and more, in one platform.


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Here's how we're putting the human back into human resources.

Track and Manage PTO

Tired of tracking PTO manually? LeadrHR offers a user-friendly solution to requesting, tracking, and counting time off as both an employee and a manager. You can even see when people on your team have overlapping PTO requests with the click of a button.


Take the Pain out of Payroll

Payroll is a pain - Hours of manual processes, stacks of paperwork, and countless systems that don’t talk to each other. Our HR leaders are too busy sorting through the nuances of payroll to focus on what matters most, your people.

Caring for your team means resourcing them with the best and most effective tools. With LeadrHR, you’ll be supported by a team of experts and a world-class software to finally take the pain out of payroll.

LeadrHR Payroll

Simple Employee Self-Service (ESS) Interface

When your staff experiences and exciting life change, you want to celebrate with them, right? But when you have mounds of paperwork to process after marriages, new babies, or a move, it can be hard to focus on keeping the employee first. 

Our simple ESS makes it easy for every staff member to retrieve pay stubs and W2s and change tax withholdings and direct deposit information independently. This frees you up, as the HR leader, to focus on what matters most, your staff.


Simplified Onboarding

Leave your file cabinets of employee files behind. LeadrHR hosts all of your onboarding documentation so you can easily send, sign, and store paperwork with the click of a button. 

You can even create custom onboarding templates specific to the type of hire you’re bringing on board. Save your onboarding materials altogether and resend them each time with ease.

Employee expectations are changing. Only 12% of employees feel their company does a good job onboarding new team members. Let's cut that number down together.

LeadrHR Onboarding

Manage Benefits and Affordable Health Plans

Healthy teams are made of healthy individuals, and now you can manage your team’s health plans through the same portal where everything else people-related lives. Did you know Leadr will also serve as your insurance broker to make the process even more simple? Find out more here.


Build Dynamic Performance Reviews

Say goodbye to the traditional performance review. At Leadr, we believe staff reviews should be an opportunity to revisit your 1:1 meetings, creating a continuous conversation between managers and their team members. Leadr reviews allow you to reiterate feedback, set two-way goals that engage your staff, and generate a culture of trust. 


Customized Learning

Invest in the growth of your employees by sharing customized learning assignments such as videos, podcasts, books, or articles. Each learning assignment can have application questions that encourage interactive, thought-provoking conversation for more intentional people development.


Accessible Employee Directory

Easily find and share org charts, employee details, and even fun facts on employee favorites using the employee directory included in LeadrHR. Each employee even has a profile including a "how to work well with me" section to improve collaboration in meetings. 

“Of all the tools our church has bought, Leadr is my favorite one. It’s the most intentional software I’ve used. We all need the accountability factor of making sure we do the most important habits with our teams. It’s what we needed to go to the next level. I’d never actually had a real 1:1 before Leadr came along, so it’s really helped me personally.”
Abigail S Res Life
Abigail Stieg

Administrative Assistance,
Resurrection Life Church

“Leadr gives us a convenient, shared platform and provides our leaders with a tool to make investing in, and regular communication with, our teams consistent and meaningful.”
Jeff Peters La Croix
Jeff Peters

Executive Director,
La Croix Church

“Adopting the Leadr tool for our organization was an easy decision on my part. When I went through the Leadr demo with the Leadr team, I told them, ‘This is the first time I’ve gone through a demo and every single thing that I wanted in a software was present.’”
Sue Kim-Ahn
Sue Kim-Ahn

Executive Pastor of Ministries,
Menlo Church

According to SHRM, organizations with a standard onboarding process experience 50% greater new-hire productivity.

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