Stop Managing and Start Developing Your People.

Leadr is on a mission to transform people management into people development. We believe that performance is an outcome of effective leadership. Engage & grow every person on your team to see output soar.


People want to be led & developed, not managed.

Develop leaders at every level of your organization.

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of employees are disengaged in the workplace.


of workers said their companies didn't currently have enough growth opportunities for them to stay long term.


of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development.

And that's why we created Leadr.

I talked to two other companies that were sort of like Leadr, but the moment I talked to the Leadr people, I got that feeling of care. Before I saw a demo, I was already convinced that Leadr was the better choice. The Leadr people had a totally different approach, and I got that feeling of connection and care from the very beginning.”
Shileen Lee

Workforce Solutions

"I can’t tell you how much I love this software and platform. I think it is coming at such a crucial time for businesses. I love what Leadr is about and the direction it will lead and guide people to be more intentional with care and development of people."
Carter Robison

Director of Operations,
Chick-Fil-A Franchise

“Can I just tell you that your whole organization exceeds customer service that I have never felt in my whole administrative career. Everyone on your team that I have met are so helpful and the company that you work for is truly amazing.”
Brenda Truitt

Front Office Manager,
Any Day Dental

“It's helped us with our group meetings. We have a weekly director meeting that we use it for and, before Leadr, our director meeting would usually take place once a week from nine to about three. After Leadr, it's gone down three hours, and that's simply because we all come prepared.”
Joe Pitts

Director of Employee Engagement,
Carolina Industrial Products

“When I came across Leadr, I knew it was essential to our passion coming to life. With the implementation of Leadr at LAMILL, we are now able to take our aspirational goal and make it an intentional habit. We have seen greater engagement and productivity because people feel cared for and supported. Oh and one more thing, the Leadr team is awesome! Every interaction I have had with the Leadr team shows me how effective their people development software works!”
Sales Manager

Jeremiah Kerkhoff,

Not everyone has time to build a leadership development program from scratch.

That's why we did it for you.

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