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To help you on your journey toward better people development, we've created this library of eBooks, downloads, and audio and video resources.


Books & Cards

Browse below to find a 4-week workbook on people development and a deck of cards we designed to accelerate team effectiveness. Contact our team directly to order print copies of either resource.

Conversation Cards For Teams

A deck of cards with structured conversation prompts and action items to catalyze team trust and effectiveness. Use them during weekly 1:1 or team meetings.

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Small Progress, Continuous Growth

Download our free workbook on better people development in the workplace to drive sustained, progressive, and measurable employee growth.

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Guides & How-to’s

Check out our top-notch resources on people development, broken down into easy to digest eBooks that walk you through practical tips for improving your leadership efforts from onboarding efforts, to one-on-one meetings, to your performance review process.

Your Comprehensive Guide To Effective Performance Reviews

Download the free eBook to help you transition away from traditional performance reviews, from people management to people development.

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A Manager's Guide Through The New Hire Onboarding Process

Employee engagement begins on day one. Learn how to build an onboarding process infused with your organization culture. 

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Your Comprehensive Guide To Building A Leadership Development Program

Build an internal leadership development program with this free eBook.

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The One-To-One Meeting: A How-To Guide.

Download this ebook to help you understand what a 1:1 meeting is, its benefits for both parties involved, how to prepare for it, and more.

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What is Leadr?

Hear from the founding team on the research, beliefs and motivations that went into building Leadr.

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Audio & Video

See below for a growing collection of audio and video resources. We’ll be adding more and more to this library over the coming months. Check back often for updates.

These Principles in Practice

A series of live, interactive online events with executive leaders who have taken best practice leadership principles and put them into practice.

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Audio Series - Listen Now

We’ve taken our leadership content and converted it to audio. Listen to it on the go, through a podcast app or in the background while you work.

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