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To help you on your journey toward better people development, we've created this library of eBooks, downloads, and audio and video resources.


Guides & How-to’s

Check out our top-notch resources on people development, broken down into easy to digest eBooks that walk you through practical tips for improving your leadership efforts from onboarding efforts, to one-on-one meetings, to your performance review process.

Team Meeting Template

Download our Team Meeting Template which makes it easy to put Patrick Lencioni's Weekly Tactical Meeting from best-selling book, The Advantage into practice. 


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Culture Interview Guide

Download our guide to effective culture interviews and get questions and tips that help you hire for competency and culture fit. Download a copy to set your team up for long-term employee engagement.


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The Ultimate Manager's Toolkit

This Manager's Toolkit contains our most popular ebooks and downloads. These tools are full of practical, action-oriented steps you can take to lead your team well, in a variety of situations. 


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Culture Assessment

Curious to know if your culture is thriving? Here's a free quiz to see where you currently stand.

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Your 1:1 Meeting Template

Looking to lead more effective 1:1 meetings? Here's a free meeting outline to get you started.

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The 101 of 1:1 Meetings

Looking for practical tips for more effective 1:1 meetings? Sign up for our 12 week series to get started.

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Performance Improvement Plan (PiP) Template

Download our free PiP template that allows for a collaborative experience and results in lasting change.

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HRIS Request For Proposal (RFP) Template

Looking to find the perfect HRIS for your team? Download our free template to get started.

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A New Manager’s Guide To Leadership

What's the secret to crushing it as a new manager? Download our free eBook to find out.

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Video Series: 5 Foundations of People Development

Do you struggle to prioritize people development? This video series will help you focus on actionable next steps.

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The ROI of Employee Engagement

For too long, employee engagement has been impossible to measure. Not anymore. Download our free eBook to learn more.

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Your Quick Guide to Navigating Difficult Conversations

How can difficult conversations actually make your team stronger? Download our free quick guide to find out.

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Employee Handbook Template

Looking for help getting started on your organization's employee handbook? We're here to help.

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The Comprehensive List Of Employee Engagement Survey Questions

How can you really measure employee engagement? Download our complete list of employee engagement survey questions.

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The Five Foundations of A High-Performing Team

How do you build a championship team full of leaders? Download our free eBook to get started.

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Your Comprehensive Guide To Building A Leadership Development Program

Build an internal leadership development program with this free eBook.

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The One-To-One Meeting: A How-To Guide.

Download this ebook to help you understand what a 1:1 meeting is, its benefits for both parties involved, how to prepare for it, and more.

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A Manager's Guide Through The New Hire Onboarding Process

Employee engagement begins on day one. Learn how to build an onboarding process infused with your organization culture. 

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Your Comprehensive Guide To Effective Performance Reviews

Download the free eBook to help you transition away from traditional performance reviews, from people management to people development.

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New Hire Onboarding Checklist

Did you know, only 12% of U.S. employees say their company does a good job of onboarding. It doesn't have to be that way. This free checklist will help you make sure you onboard your new team members well. 

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What is Leadr?

Hear from the founding team on the research, beliefs and motivations that went into building Leadr.

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Books & Cards

Browse below to find a 4-week workbook on people development and a deck of cards we designed to accelerate team effectiveness. Contact our team directly to order print copies of either resource.

Conversation Cards For Teams

A deck of cards with structured conversation prompts and action items to catalyze team trust and effectiveness. Use them during weekly 1:1 or team meetings.

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Small Progress, Continuous Growth

Download our free workbook on better people development in the workplace to drive sustained, progressive, and measurable employee growth.

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Audio & Video

See below for a growing collection of audio and video resources. We’ll be adding more and more to this library over the coming months. Check back often for updates.

These Principles in Practice

A series of live, interactive online events with executive leaders who have taken best practice leadership principles and put them into practice.

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Audio Series - Listen Now

We’ve taken our leadership content and converted it to audio. Listen to it on the go, through a podcast app or in the background while you work.

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