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About our Hiring Process

We're glad you're interested in joining the Leadr team! Use this page to view our open positions and apply. If you don’t see the perfect role, send me an email with your resume. We post new positions on a regular basis and we’re always looking for great people.

Amy Cheek Careers Page

Amy Cheek

People and Team Development Manager

Email me your resume or any questions here. 

Open Positions

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Leadr's Values

At Leadr, we take people development seriously. That's why our values are more than beliefs written on our website, as part of the team, you'll quickly find that they're a part of our daily work. 

  • Leadrs Develop Leaders

    • Every manager is a coach and every employee is a vehicle. 

  • Leadrs Earn Their Stripes

    • Everyone is "a leader" even if they aren't "the leader."

    Leadrs Have Blue Collar DNA

    • Everyone is willing to get their hands dirty no matter their title.

  • Leadrs Operate As A Championship Team

    • Everyone works together to help our customers and company win.

Leadrs Love Fridays As Much As They Love Mondays

Everyone is motivated by our mission and committed to the journey.

Leadr's 5 Foundations

We're committed to living out these principles on our own team and helping every customer create a culture where every leader:


Has 1:1 meetings with their manager at least bi-weekly.


Understands and recognizes their unique strengths.


Receives frequent feedback from their manager.


Has clearly documented goals.


Has a personalized growth / development plan.

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