Organizational Alignment, Healthy Teams, Better Results

The Leadr Advantage drives clarity and cohesion across your teams using the 4 Disciplines of Organizational Health and Working Genius.



Visibility for Executives.



Alignment for Leaders.



Clarity for Employees.



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“The vast majority of organizations today have more than enough intelligence, expertise, and knowledge to be successful. What they lack is organizational health.” 


Best-selling author of The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, The Advantage, The 6 Types of Working Genius & 8 other books

Welcome From Patrick Lencioni

We can't wait to show you around the Leadr Advantage. Here's a quick welcome from Patrick Lencioni himself.

Our Partnership

Organizational Health

The 4 Disciplines

Organizational Health is achieved with commitment to 4 disciplines. The Table Group & Leadr have combined transformational concepts with simple and effective technology to create clarity for every organization.

Leadr_Tech Solution

The Tech Solution

Eliminate scattered processes, create visibility, and establish accountability with Leadr. Our all-in-one organizational health platform helps develop leaders, improves meetings, and drives results.

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What We Offer


The Table Group Philosophy

Combine the best practices of The Advantage and Working Genius into your daily activities as a leader. 


Leadr's Digital Workspace

Reinforce clarity, lead effective Weekly Tactical Meetings, and keep your team's Working Genius front of mind.


World-Class Support

Experience an exceptional customer experience with Leadr's white-glove customer support.

Put organizational health - your organization’s health - in the hands of each and every one of your employees. 

…. in a platform your employees will actually use (and love)

Experience organization-wide health as you pursue organization-wide adoption.


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About the Companies


The Table Group is a firm dedicated to making companies more successful and work more fulfilling. Founded by Leadership Coach, Patrick Lencioni on the belief that Organizational health is the single greatest competitive advantage in any business, the Table Group has been helping organizations become healthier for over 20 years. They now have 11+ books, a revolutionary workplace assessment called The Working Genius, and 45+ leadership consultants.


Leadr is your digital workspace that drives performance by making managers effective leaders who build healthy teams. In Leadr’s digital workspace, managers lead effective meetings, engage in helpful feedback, put goals into action, develop every team member, and recognize wins on a personal level. Having all of these things in one place allows visibility for executives, alignment for leaders, and clarity for employees — all leading to increased performance. 

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