People Want To Be
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Not Managed.

Leadr is a people development software that helps you engage and grow every person on your team.


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What is Leadr?

Leadr is a people development software that helps you engage and grow every person on your team.

How does Leadr help?

According to Gallup, 85% of employees are not engaged in the workplace.


The Problem

Existing people management solutions are static and cumbersome, built for compliance, rather than employee development.


How We Help

We Believe Whole Employee Growth Is Possible.
Leadr helps every manager become a coach, leading to consistent, whole employee growth, all managed within one simple and intuitive place.


What You Can Expect

Healthy leaders creating healthy teams. Growth at every level of your organization.

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Not everyone has time to build a leadership development program from scratch.

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For too long, employee engagement has been impossible to measure. Not anymore. Welcome to Leadr Insights.


Don't just take our word for it

Here's what our customers are saying.

“I explored traditional management trainings, but nothing really seemed to fit what we were looking for. [After I] went through a few demos with Leadr, I realized it was a good and simple way for us to get started with a platform we can utilize across our entire staff."
Tyler Lenderman

Director of Services Alliances and Corporate Strategy,

“It's helped us with our group meetings. We have a weekly director meeting that we use it for and, before Leadr, our director meeting would usually take place once a week from nine to about three. After Leadr, it's gone down three hours, and that's simply because we all come prepared.”
Carolina Industrial Products
Joe Pitts

Director of Employee Engagement,
Carolina Industrial Products

"When I came across Leadr, I knew it was essential to our passion coming to life. With the implementation of Leadr at LAMILL, we are now able to take our aspirational goal and make it an intentional habit. We have seen greater engagement and productivity because people feel cared for and supported. Oh and one more thing, the Leadr team is awesome! Every interaction I have had with the Leadr team shows me how effective their people development software works!"
Jeremiah Kerkhoff
Jeremiah Kerkhoff

Sales Manager,

"Leadr puts culture, leadership development, 1:1 and team meetings, feedback, and reviews into one tool that makes it easier for us to align and execute within one place. I've been working with Leadr for awhile now and enjoy the leadership team and philosophy they operate under"
Jordan Gandy UPS
Jordan Gandy

9 UPS Stores

"We bought Leadr because it operates what we want to do more formally and bring it to reality in a more complete way. This will help our team drive personal growth plans. This is focused on folks and growing people and individuals. EOS feels like more of a limitation rather than a progressive, helpful thing. This is very people centric."
Josh Gordon

President & Partner
Full Spectrum Marketing

We Built Leadr With You In Mind

Leadr exists to help you prioritize people development because your people power your mission.

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