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Why These Leaders Joined Leadr

Hear directly from our team about what inspired them to jump aboard the Leadr train.

"After many years in the corporate world working up to 80 hours a week and receiving very little development as a leader, I eventually became frustrated and promised myself I would never help build someone else's vision ever again, until Leadr. Since joining Leadr, my passion to help build something meaningful has been reignited, and I couldn't be happier to work for a business that truly cares about developing its own people as much as the organizations it serves."
Kyle Vrabtree
Kyle Crabtree


"Spending 20+ years in ministry, I've tried about every system and tool out there (mostly self-built) to help become more efficient & effective at people development. Needless to say, my systems and tools always drifted back towards "Performance Management" and pushed care & development to the side. Until Leadr that is. I was first a customer of Leadr and because of the impact it had on me, I knew I had to make a shift to get this tool to the other people that are also working so hard to develop their staff and leadership. This is where ministry has really come to life for me!"
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Robby Schwartz

Account Executive

"When you find an organization that truly lives out its mission and purpose, you'll find pleasure in the work that you do. Leadr is on a mission to develop 1M leaders, and I see that pursuit lived out every day - from how we work with our customers to the interactions we have with each other. The leadership here is unmatched, and I have never been more cared for and developed than here at Leadr."
Karissa Parks
Karissa Parks

Partnerships Manager


Learn how it all started and where we are today.

Aug 2018

Leadr Incorporated Is Established

This is the beginning of our mission to create a platform that would help organizations develop and grow their teams into leaders. 

First Leadr Logo
Aug 2018
Oct 2018

Leadr Hires First Employee

Without a team of leaders, it's tough to make progress. Garrett Campbell, now our Director of Customer Success, become Leadr's first employee to help bring Leadr to life.

Garrett Campbell
Oct 2018
Winter 2018

Setting A Foundation

Matt Tresidder and his wife are traveling the world when he gets a call from Chris Heaslip who has an idea to develop 1 million leaders through a people development software start up.

Matt & Chris
Winter 2018
Spring 2019

The Early Days

It started in a small office in Redmond, Washington, where Chris and Matt and a team of 5 began building a strategy for how exactly they would reach their goal.

The Early Days
Spring 2019
May 2020

Launching Leadr

After months of planning, Leadr is finally customer ready, and we launched Leadr to the public. Request a demo to see how our software can help you develop & grow every person on your team.

Leadr Original Platform
May 2020
June 2020

The First 10 Employees

Leadr makes a first round of critical hires and we celebrate having 10 full-time staff members on board. 

Leadr Employees Seattle
June 2020
Nov 2020

Leadr's Big Move

Leadr packs up and moves its headquarters to Plano, Texas.

Leadr Dog Shirt
Nov 2020
Jan 2021

Leadrs Develop Leaders

As another way to invest in our team members, we launched LeadrU, a 5-month internal leadership development program. The first class graduated in June 2021. Download our free eBook to learn more about building your own leadership development program.

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Jan 2021
Feb 2021

Leveling Up

After establishing solid roots, Matt Tresidder steps in to become CEO of Leadr and Chris Heaslip takes on the Executive Chairman role.

Matt & Chris
Feb 2021
March 2021

Rethinking Performance Reviews

Because performance reviews are such a critical piece of people development, we launched the Reviews module in the Leadr software which allows you to conduct more effective staff reviews. See Leadr performance reviews in action.

March 2021
May 2021

Exciting Growth

One year after launch, Leadr grew to over 300 customers and over 5K active users.

Kickoff Jan 2021
May 2021
July 2021

Landing Our Series A

Leadr receives a 10M Series A led by Bedrock. Read more about this exciting news here.

Series A
July 2021
Aug 2021

Gaining Momentum

Leadr crossed a milestone of 400 customers, growing our customer base by a third in just three months. We also celebrate having 45 full-time staff members. 

Leadr Q3 Kick Off _ 6U7A9329-1
Aug 2021
Sep 2021

Launching LeadrHealth

Healthy teams are led by healthy leaders, which is why we launched LeadrHealth, offering individual and group health plans so our customers can better care for the health of their staff. Learn more about LeadrHealth.

Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 9.13.53 AM
Sep 2021
Oct 2021

Hitting Mid-Sized Status

Leadr now has 50+ full-time staff members, officially confirming us as a mid-sized business.

Oct 2021

We're transforming people management
into people development.

At Leadr, we help leaders engage and grow their teams in three key areas. Leadership Development, so you can develop leaders at every level of your organization, Core HR, so you can spend less time on paperwork and more time with your people, and Health Care, so you can better care for your teams and their families.


Leadr's 5 Foundations

We're committed to living out these principles on our own team and helping every customer create a culture where every leader:


Has 1:1 meetings with their manager at least bi-weekly.


Understands and recognizes their unique strengths.


Receives frequent feedback from their manager.


Has clearly documented goals.


Has a personalized growth / development plan.

At Leadr, we take people development seriously.

Read about the beliefs that drive our mission in The Leadr Manifesto.

What will you be able to accomplish when every one of your employees is growing?

“As a 29-year old manager of 130 employees, I learned the value of the top performer. One employee, in particular, stood out to me. He had a will to improve, a connection to the mission and empathy for our customers. I knew if I had 50 more people like this we would win.

I began to try and screen for these intrinsic qualities in the interview process. Yet, even with an updated hiring process and an idea of the qualities which made for a high-impact employee, I kept getting disappointed. I would assume the best but only succeed with one out of 10 hires. The other nine were decent team members, yet they weren’t yearning to grow or improve and this lack of desire hurt the business. We needed innovation and engagement from all levels and never got it from most of the staff.

When I think about an audacious problem worth solving, I think about the 90% I could never seem to reach consistently.

At Leadr we’re building a new kind of people development software that empowers managers with the tools they need to develop leaders at all levels of the organization.

Could the right people development software change the culture of an organization by engaging with the 90%? We’re going to find out.”


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Matt Tresidder
Co-Founder & CEO, Leadr

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We're here to help you grow better. Check out the beliefs that drive our mission in our Leadr Manifesto.

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