About Us

At LEADR, we have a passion for helping organizations steward their greatest resource – people. We strive to help you advance your mission, by equipping your staff to reach their greatest potential.


Our Vision

In October 2018, our team set out to revolutionize leadership development. Having worked with some of the most influential organizations across the country in our previous ventures, we noticed a trend: through countless conversations, we were hearing the same concern that there weren’t enough new leaders stepping up. These teams were struggling with a gap between vision and execution, were unsure of how to meaningfully develop those individuals that showed promise, and lacked the time required to effectively pour into their people.

The Problem

These findings proved to be true: according to Gallup, 77% of organizations report that they’re experiencing a shortfall in the number of leaders in their organizations, and even more expect to encounter the same problem in the next 5 years. These gaps arise alongside a significant change in the workforce. Over the next two years, Millennials will for the first time make up the majority of the workplace. Further, today’s workforce is the least engaged, least developed, and least tenured in recent history.



The Solution

At LEADR, our mission is to help you bridge this leadership gap, by partnering with you in driving employee engagement. By equipping you with a personalized content suggestion engine, built to deliver relevant learning material; a peer-to-peer feedback and recognition loop, to improve relationships across teams; and outcome-oriented insights surfaced to your leaders, to help them manage effectively; our platform will help you target the three biggest drivers of engagement: recognition, development, and management.

If your organization is struggling with growth, or if you find yourself wishing for more from your staff, LEADR is here to help you experience the benefits of a team unified in pursuit of your mission.