Develop Leaders at Every Level of Your Organization.

Leadership development pipeline is one of the biggest challenges organizations face. With Leadr, you can develop leaders at scale with consistent 1:1 meetings, clear goals, and regular feedback.


People want to be led & developed, not managed. 

Here's how we're transforming people management into people development.

The 1:1 Meeting

We believe the 1:1 meeting is the most powerful leadership development tool a manager has. Our people development software allows you to collaboratively build meeting agendas, track progress, and ask intentional questions in your 1:1 meetings. 


Better Team Meetings

Stop wasting time on team meetings and start leading your team through action-oriented conversations. Whether you're in a 3-person departmental meeting or an all staff event, stay focused on team efforts, take collaborative notes, and add recurring topics for frequent meetings to stay on track & increase output. 


Clear Goals

Every employee should have clearly documented goals that allow them to measure success. By keeping these goals front and center, you and your team can track progress and realign priorities on a daily basis boosting productivity and clarity. 


Customized Learning

Invest in the growth of your employees by assigning customized or organization-wide learning assignments such as videos, podcasts, books, or articles. Each learning assignment can have application questions that encourage interactive, thought-provoking investment in the content to develop your employees more intentionally.


Regular Two-way Feedback

Regular feedback is critical to leadership development. Make feedback intentional and allow it to sink in by offering and requesting it in a timely way.


Prioritize Your People

Developing people begins with knowing them deeply. Our profile cards allow you to seamlessly access meaningful information about each of your team members for more intentional and effective meetings. Quickly pull up details such as your team members' unique strengths, how to communicate most effectively with them, their motivations, and more. 


Measure Employee Engagement

For too long, employee engagement has been impossible to measure. Not anymore. Welcome to Leadr Insights.


“Leadr has made us more intentional to our staff, to help them grow both project-wise and also relationship-wise.”
Jon Victory Life Church
Jon Major

Executive Pastor,
Victory Life Church

“Adopting the Leadr tool for our organization was an easy decision on my part. When I went through the Leadr demo with the Leadr team, I told them, ‘This is the first time I’ve gone through a demo and every single thing that I wanted in a software was present.’”
Sue Kim-Ahn
Sue Kim-Ahn

Executive Pastor of Ministries,
Menlo Church

Not everyone has time to build a leadership development program from scratch.

That's why we did it for you.

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