The Impact of Your Mission Rises or Falls on The Engagement of Your People.

Your nonprofit exists to make lasting change in your community. But how can we expect our people to drive this mission if we're not pouring into them first? At Leadr, it's our mission to help you engage and grow every member of your team, so they can power your purpose.

People join your organization because of your mission, they will leave because of their manager.

Develop leaders at every level of your organization.

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of employees are less likely to seek out a new job in the next year if they are engaged in their work.


of employee engagement depends on their relationship with their manager.


of employees actually leave their job because they want more money. Money is not the problem.

And that's why we created Leadr.

Something we've been hearing from our managers is, 'I didn't think I could take [Leadr] on, but now I couldn't live without it.'
Ron Wade

Executive Director,
Nonprofit for Second Chance Careers and Reemployment

Not everyone has time to build a leadership development program from scratch.

Thats why we did it for you.

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