Chris Heaslip

Chris Heaslip

Executive Chairman, Co-Founder

Chris Heaslip is the Executive Chairman of Leadr. Prior to joining Leadr, Chris co-founded the highly successful Pushpay, the online giving platform which grew rapidly from $1 million to over $100 million in revenue in just four years.

As Chris looked back at his time as a leader, it was the people he developed along the way that he is most proud of. He realized that leadership is a privilege, it should be taken seriously, and that he owes the people who work for him to steward that responsibility carefully.

Chris was born in Auckland, New Zealand, and prior to migrating to the US, he served as CEO of an accounting and tax consultancy and prior to that, as a tax management professional and business adviser at KPMG. Chris was also an investigator at the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department.

Chris resides just outside of Dallas with his wife, Sarah, and 3 children.

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