Holly Tate

Holly Tate

SVP of Growth

Holly Tate is SVP of Growth at Leadr. She is a growth strategist, entrepreneur, speaker, and member of the Forbes Communication Council. 

Before joining Leadr, Holly was a marketing and business development executive at Vanderbloemen, a global executive search firm for 8.5 years, most recently as the Vice President of Business Development & Marketing, where she led partnerships, brand growth, demand and lead generation, sales and marketing alignment, and new industry initiatives for the company.

Holly is founder of performance marketing agency, The Ready Network, and an international speaker on marketing, communications, brand growth, leadership development, and workplace culture. She has spoken at conferences including Pushpay Summit, Texas Ministry Conference, Engage, Northwest Ministry Conference, That Church Conference, and ICMA (India).

As a member of the Forbes Communications Council, Holly contributes thought leadership on marketing and communications to Forbes online where her advice has been featured in 40+ articles.

Holly holds a bachelor's degree in Business Management from The King's College of New York City where she currently serves on the Executive Alumni Committee.

In her spare time, Holly loves spending time with her husband Elliott and their dog Scraps in their Houston Heights bungalow.

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Why I'm Passionate About Leadr

At Leadr, we all have a story of a poor management experience that led to our passion for people development and desire to work at Leadr. We call these our Nigel stories.

Nigel is a fictitious character we’ve worked with or for in the past with unhealthy leadership tendencies. We all have those tendencies within ourselves, and they can emerge unintentionally, impacting those around us. 

We are all Nigels, or know a Nigel, and Nigel is why Leadr exists. Here’s Holly’s Nigel story. What's yours?

I’m so passionate about our mission to develop 1M leaders that I put growing my own company on pause to join the Leadr team full-time. Our mission is that important. 

I’ve personally experienced the life-changing influence of positive Nigels in my life - leaders that took a chance on me, believed in me, developed me, and pushed me to become more than I ever thought I could. 

I’ve also experienced that heartburn of negative Nigels in my life - leaders that caused me to doubt myself, told me I was too animated, or tried to micromanage my visionary ideas. 

It’s both the positive Nigels and negative Nigels in my own leadership journey that propel me to become the best leader I can be because the world needs more great leaders, and I’m committed to helping make that vision a reality here at Leadr. Here’s to 1M leaders! 

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