Matt Tresidder

Matt Tresidder

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Matt Tresidder is CEO & Co-founder of Leadr, a digital workspace that builds effective leaders and healthy teams. The platform creates visibility for executives, alignment for leaders, and clarity for teams, for increased results.

Prior to joining Leadr, Matt was the first sales hire of the highly successful unicorn startup, Pushpay, the online giving platform which grew rapidly from $1 million to over $100 million in revenue in just four years. Matt grew into the VP of Sales role during his tenure with Pushpay and was highly respected by his peers for his diligence and dedication to both people and product. 

Matt is passionate about hiring, training, and developing leaders at every level of the organization. This passion is the foundation of why Leadr exists to develop 1M leaders through its software.

He co-authored Management is Dead: The 5 Keys to Unlock Employee Retention, Skyrocket ROI, and lead a revolution in 2023. The book walks through the 5 foundations of people development and how to implement them within your organization today for a more engaged and effective workforce.

Matt has also been a thought leader on podcasts including, The Risk Takers Podcast, Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast, The Dream Job Podcast, The Risk Takers Podcast, The Tension Podcast, and The Cash and Burn Podcast.

Matt studied at Life Leadership College in Auckland. He is a graduate of Seth Godin’s altMBA and the Wharton Business School Executive program.

Born in New Zealand, Matt moved to Seattle with the Pushpay team where he met his wife Kiasa. Matt and Kiasa now live just outside of Dallas with their daughter Ada and dog Lucy.

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